13 January 2013


elsa...a week before you turn 3 and eating a 99.
cornets on a sunday is a bit of an irish family tradition that we've embraced. whatever the weather.
-1 today.

(and that's real ice cream real chocolate peeps. allergy be gone!!)

"a portrait of my child...once a week...every week in 2013"
linking up with jodi (and many others) for this project.

thank you to everyone who left me such great comments on last week's portrait xx


  1. Such a cute picture! And is that wallpaper on the wall? I love it!

    1. hello sarah...and thank you :)
      yes it is wallpaper. in our kitchen...it is sanderson and i think it's called dandelion clocks. i fell in love with the colours and we've had it for quite a few years but i must confess i'm currently wishing i'd painted that particular wall with blackboard paint. don't know if i can bring myself to strip it off though. at least we have the photo as a memory if i do! x


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