10 January 2013

An Extra Blanket

january days can be so very different here. yesterday felt like it held a promise of spring. waking to fog and whispers of snow today saw me and my girl cosying up for the afternoon. so little light. i hope the sun finds a way back soon. i just want to comfort eat in this weather.

paper and paint and plenty of warm drinks to keep us happy. no that isn't a sneaky afternoon guiness with our cakes...vanilla latte for me and giraffe milk for e. slainte!

i've also been hoarding wallpaper samples for a secret dolls house project. more of that soon as a birthday approaches.


  1. lovely blog, i cant resist a doll house so i shall be following along x

  2. Oh can't wait to see the doll house reveal ... a sneaky baileys coffee in the afternoon ... might be good with cake :) ... Bee x

  3. my doll house was my most precious possession growing up- look forward to seeing yours.
    love those doodles- xx ashley


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